Damask Rose Ensemble

        Damask rose will warm your heart and nourish your skin!


    When days get cool and grey, and you begin to miss the warmth of the summer sun, there is something wonderful waiting for you – our luxurious Damask Rose Line. It will fill you with bliss - warm your heart, nurture your soul and nourish the skin.

    We are now offering our exquisite Damask Rose Line because you have asked and we listened.

    Organic Damask rose essential oil, grown in an exquisite pristine valley in Bulgaria, is the most luxurious and healing of all essential oils. It is magical! Our Rose Petal Cream has been everyone's favorite for 30 years! The Rose Cleanser is new – how luxurious! Floral Rose Toner is so hydrating and refreshing for the skin, as well as uplifting and soothing for the spirit. Rose Daytime Hydrator – light and deeply penetrating - a perfect choice for all ages and skin types. The entire line is regenerating, hydrating and nourishing for dry and mature skin, soothing for sensitive, irritated and inflamed skin. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties promote healing and balancing of blemished skin.

Damask Rose Ensemble 

Step 1: Rose Cleanser

Organic milk, honey, oat germ, organic herbs and Damask rose essential oil…….so pristinely pure! It is 3 steps in one: cleansing, hydrating and nourishing! Enjoy this sensual step in your daily skin care routine! You will love the delicate feel of your skin every time you cleanse! Did you know, a little girl ate her mother’s cleanser because she heard me say that the cleanser is so pure one could eat it! She told the mother it tasted “so good”.

1.75 oz. $28.00. 

Step 2: Rose Floral Toner

Deep hydration on a cellular level is an important step in skin care and for uplifting the spirit. Thus, the skin feels and looks firm, soft and radiant. The spirit rejoices as the mind relaxes and the heart expands.

The miracle of Damask rose - the exquisite aroma of roses grown in warm sunshine in pure soil – it is uplifting, comforting and sensual!

4 oz. $30.00

Step 3A - Morning: Rose Daytime Hydrator

Light and hydrating, yet deeply penetrating, it soothes, nourishes and regenerates all skin types. Prevents fine lines due to deep hydration. You will love it!           

1 oz. $36.00

Step 3B – Evening: Rose Petal Moisturizer

This aromatic silky moisturizer nourishes the skin so that even after one application your skin will radiate and feel silky and soft. One client said if I had described to her its effect before she used it, she would have had a hard time believing me. “And”, she said afterwards, “not only is it true, but I am now devoted to have this luxurious uplifting experience forever. Please don’t ever stop making it!”                                                        

Damask rose is a miracle - not only does it regenerate the skin, but it helps restore proper metabolism of the skin. Your skin will feel soft and look radiant, and your spirit will exalt in bliss.

1.75 oz. $46.00 

ROSE Cleanser
ROSE Cleanser $ 28.00
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ROSE Daytime Hydrator
ROSE Daytime Hydrator $ 36.00
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ROSE Floral Toner
ROSE Floral Toner $ 30.00
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ROSE Petal Moisturizer
ROSE Petal Moisturizer $ 46.00
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