It is from our hearts that we offer you our 
sacred elixir creations so that this Holiday Season,
you can feel deep peace and joy.

Helena Meyer
     Sacred Body Elixirs

They purify the aura and greatly assist in opening the pathway for the
Healing flow of Divine Light.
Pearl essence.   Reiki-Infused.
Crafted with love.
By anointing with our sacred elixirs,
the gates to the heart open and we feel flooded
by love from our sacred source within. 
We are blessed with Divine Love that heals and nurtures us.
These elixirs help by soothing & uplifting emotions &
bringing bliss & happiness, health, success and
prosperity in areas of our lives.

Sacred Heart Body Elixir
Sacred Heart Body Elixir $ 28.00
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Inner Peace Sacred Elixir
Inner Peace Sacred Elixir $ 26.00
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Bliss Sacred Body Elixir
Bliss Sacred Body Elixir $ 24.00
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Prosperity Sacred Elixir
Prosperity Sacred Elixir $ 28.00
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Cleopoatra's Secret Sacred Elixir
Cleopoatra's Secret Sacred Elixir $ 28.00
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Mossy Woods Sacred Elixir
Mossy Woods Sacred Elixir $ 24.00
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Confidence Sacred Elixir
Confidence Sacred Elixir $ 26.00
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Guardian Angel Sacred Elixir
Guardian Angel Sacred Elixir $ 26.00
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